Buell M2/M2L


    On the BadWeb I have often read that the M2 Cyclone was probably the most capable Tube Frame Buell ever (maybe Court will finally proof it sometime). It was prices well below the X1 and the S3 between 1999 and 2002 and when presented for the model year 1997, offered more economical alternative to the S1.

    Early M2s were never upgraded from the Lightning to the Thunderstorm Motor as was the S1. They also featured a black painted mild steel exhaust system compared to the stainless headers wrapping around the other models. M2s, early and late, remained always carburated and were never offered with upside-down (or inverted) forks. They had the right-side-up kind which worked just equally good as their more fancy looking counterparts. The early M2 had a sleek long tail section which offered enough space and comfort for a passenger. (Did "M2" mean "two-up" I wonder…?). In 99, with the introduction of the Thunderstorm Motor, which was slightly inferior in power to the fuel-injected S3 and X1,  the M2 was fitted with a wide tail section, a more comfortable seat and starting in MY2001 a standard tachometer. A lower version was added to attract shorter riders - the M2L. Changes were made to suspension and seat, the frame remained identical.

    1998 M2 ValentinoMany missed the "simple and clean" of the early M2s. However, with just minor modification the early style, cool looking, tail section would bolt on to the newer M2s. A combination for the real connaisseur...

    My M2s are all quite different and lightly modified. The 1998 M2 "Valentino", came from ebay on Valentine’s day. It has a custom paint which I will eventually decustomize again back to an original color. One of the many projects I have sitting around….. Valentino just received all outstanding recalls and is a pleasure to push around the corners.



    99 Buell M2Travelling through St Louis, I picked up a 1999 rolling chassis in blue. The engine was ripped out of her for some redneck-mutant-chopper-bobber. I got it with the title and found an engine for her which I am currently trying to install along with one of these fancy upside-down forks. My winter project. I already have an early tail section for her. Once finished I will name her. So far "Basket Case" would pretty much nail it.

     2000 M2 S3 style

    In 2005 I added a 2000 M2 to my stable which I also won on ebay in Colorado. It was delivered on the back of the pickup truck of the sellers neighbors, who visited their grand children somewhere on the East Coast and offered to deliver for a small fee. Cool! This bike began its life in the Mountains, therefore I call it "Rocky". It was transformed to a real tour-M2 by adding a S3 front fairing along with touring bags. It was already on 2 extended tours in Canada. Flies like it especially….


    2001 Buell M2The yellow M2 is my "Racer". It high sided on the track which made the seller not want to ride it any longer. He ordered a brand new R6 and gave me the M2. It features a Works Performance Shock, real Brembo rear calipers (wow, a tuber with a significant rear brake!) and some nice controls. I fixed her up, installed all the lighting to make it street legal again, put a X1 gage cluster on it (I really do not care so much about the M2 cluster—don’t ask me why)… Want to ride a little harder? Go for it!

    2000 Buell M2 Ruby

    Last but not least: "Ruby", a 2000 M2, totally stock with the exception of a Buell race kit, babied, and quite impressive. Molten Orange! What a great color!

    M2 1999 M2 "Alex", added in March 09, the week our son Alexander Josef was born...