Buell S1/S1W

    The S1 was the first Buell hooligan-bike introduced for MY 1996. Originally it was sold as solo bike, but always carried pegs for a passenger. You could get a twin tail version also. For MY 1998, the last year of the S1, the S1W White Lightning was introduced now featuring the all new thunderstorm motor and different color schemes. I have heard people say that this 98 S1W will become one of the most collectable Buells. The concept of the "muscle bike" or "streetfighter" was not new in '96. Ducati presented its Monster in 1992. However, Buell followed this idea long before everyone else. Today you can buy a "streetfighter" from pretty much any brand - even BMW.

    1998 S1W


    So far I could only add one S1W to my stable. I bought it from a guy who was 6’5 and who modified it by adding a later M2-tailsection. I got the original solo-tail but still need to modify the frame back into its original state. Just another of my projects....

    I am looking to add another S1. Maybe a 96. But again, these bikes are getting harder and harder to find, especially unmolested ones....


    Here's one of the original ads:

    S1 ad