1995 Buell S2/S2T

    The 95 S2 Thunderbolt is probably my most favorite Buell. It just handles all riding needs well: It is great for the long tour, yet a lot of fun for a quick spin after work. I personally think it is the best looking Buell also. Treated correctly it will last forever. I read about S2’s with well over 100K miles and no major issues.

    So far I have 5 S2s in my collection, which are available for rent. Let me introduce them, I have actually given them names, which is easier than memorizing the VIN....

    yellow Buell S2
    The yellow one, "Chiquita", was my first S2. I got it from a very nice former police officer in North Carolina. I lived in Toledo, we met in Charleston, WV. Stan, again thanks a lot! I am probably logging the most miles these days on this one....very dependable bike!

     white S2 weddingbuell

  • For the next S2, a pearl white model, I drove all the way to Alabama. Because of the color and the fact that 07 was my wedding year, it soon got to be the “Weddingbuell”.

    1995 Buell S2 snowwhite
    The third one I found in my then home-state Ohio. It was listed on CycleTrader and I drove down to Columbus, picked it up, no big story on that one. I named it “Schneeweisschen”, which is German for “Snow White” - it inherited this name from a buddie's old white Mercedes

    1995 S2 black
    Number four was in Detroit. Heavily modified by a former HD-employee, it is supposed to put out 91HP at the rear wheel. It is black sapphire pearl, has Stage 1 cams, millennium heads, Wiseco pistons….. It sure does run great. I love it. “Black Magic”


    1995 S2 Alladin
    The fifth is one of the first S2s built. It used to be yellow, but the previous owner painted it pearl white. It had the fairing lowers and runs smooth as silk. Because the whole deal on this one was extremely confusing all the while amusing, I just mention the name: “Aladdin”.


  • Number six is blue, has a ton of miles, was modified into a dragster with hitch system (no kidding!!!) and in poor health. As of November 09 it is still in the restauration stage. I am looking for a front fairing...

    More to come…. The S2s are great and entirely undervalued….. If you happen to have one of them or know of anybody who might make one available, let me know! I am still missing a red 95 and a 96 T-model as well as some $$$ :-)

    Here's one of the original sales brochures:

    S2 brochure