Buell S3/S3T

    chris on 99 S3My first contact with a 1999 S3 Thunderbolt was in North Carolina.  My buddy  Chris from Charleston had ridden my X1 and got the famous Buell-bug. Okay, I helped him a bit. He is a bicycle and health nut but I could talk him into a motorcycle. We went to NC in the summer of 2001 to look at the black S3 which had almost no miles and was reasonably priced. He test-rode it and apparently had so much fun that he overdid it a bit and laid the bike down. He had to buy it now—and did. 3 years later he sold it to me and concentrated on the bicycles again. The picture above shows him in the “transition phase”. ;-)


    orange S3During my time in Ohio I added some more S3s. I always liked the volcano grey/blazing orange combo and found my 2001 S3 in Cincinnati.  All my S3s have the bag brackets and can be used for long distance touring. I have plenty deep and shallow bags.


    2007 Buell Homecoming


    The next S3 I stumbled across in Wisconsin. Actually just a couple of miles from East Troy. I bought it, a billet silver/nuclear blue 2002000 Buell S30 S3, in the summer of 07 and took it to the 2007 Buell Homecoming. The picture above right out of the "Fuell" magazine as well as a speeding ticket from the turnpike remind me of a very cool event! I can only recommend to anybody to attend one of the Buell Homecomings. What a great company! The name? "Silberpfeil" - german for "Silver Arrow" - remember Mercedes race cars?


    1998 S3
    Later that year I added a canyon red 1998 S3. I drove all the way to Arkansas. Not only because the pictures were really good (what an early Christmas) but the bike was pristine! Flawless! Cared for by a true enthusiast. Thanks Jim!!!  I don’t remember how he got the Hooters girls to pose with his bike at the time, but they appeared in a local cycle magazine, which he gave me a copy of. VERY COOL SOUVENIR! 


    2001 S3 blackWhen 2008 came around I decided to quit my job in Ohio and concentrate more on “my own thing”. To dedicate a bike to this event, I got a black 2001 S3 which I found in Detroit. "Goodnight" - I feel surrounded by Bond girls sometimes… Well cared for, fully loaded with the whole "T" package, this bike also started me wondering about renting out already in the US…. Right away…. Why not? As I side business?


    More to come…. The S3s have a hard stand to the S2s. Even though they are clearly the better motorcycles, they just don’t have the "character". But if I had to choose for long distance….. S3! Not only because of the better bags…..   

    2000 S3Short before Thanksgiving 08 I found a nice 98 S3 in Pittsburgh, PA. I negotiated a price based on only the pictures with the seller over the phone and we agreed on a pickup three days later. When I got there precisely as planned the bike was sold. The guy babbled something about "First come first serve". I was extremely upset. While venting about this on the badweb (see links) a guy from Charleston, SC offered me to buy his silver 2000 S3. We made a deal, I flew down to Charleston, picked up the bike and spent some really nice Thanksgiving days in my old hometown. Thanks Hugh!!! 


    Did I mention S3s are great motorcycles? They were the top of the line in the old days. and very capable Sport-Touring companions. Sport-Touring bikes however are a dying breed. Dual-purpose adventure bikes are taking over. BMWs GS line as well as big Enduros by the Big Four slowly took over. Buell got in line with the Ulysses. S3s are currently relatively easy to find for a good price. Most of the time they come with quite a pile of extras. I couldn' t resist and added 3 more this year:

    1997 S3T with small instrument cluster in great shape.  I love it!1997 Buell S3T

    - 1998 S3T from a Chicago HD Dealer. One owner, perfect shape!!!

    98 s3

    - 2001 S3T with my favourite frame color - BLAZING orange2001 S3T