Buell X1/X1W


    1999 Buell X1This is the picture with which the craziness started! It was May 2001 and I was sitting in front of ebay hoping to win this beautiful bike. It was located in Murphy, NC,  and sold for $5750 TO ME! I have so far put approximately 18K miles on it. It was all over the South Eastern US , before I shipped it to Germany in December 02. 1999 X1In 03 and 04 she has been to the South of France, through the Swiss Alps…. And I will always remember one defect: Suddenly, close to Gruyere in Switzerland the electric system shut down. It took me 2 hrs on the side of the road to figure out that the ignition switch went bad. I couldn’t make it to my planned destination for this day and found a bed and breakfast nearby.  We became friends and visit each other now often. I like to remember this story when people are complaining about the reliability of pleasure vehicles! :-)

    Back in the USA, already with my plan to -ONE DAY– move to the South of France and rent out my Buell motorcycles, I added more X1s to my collection. A dealer in Germany told me in the Summer of 07 that there are more and more people asking for original and unmolested S1s and X1s and they are willing to pay good. Hey, great! Maybe they are also interested in renting one for a nice tour? We’ll see……

    2000 X1 AlI traded this 2000 X1 for a 2000 M2 which I had in the garage. Another "crazy" Buell addict I knew had the goal of owning one model of each Buell that was produced, with the exception of the RW750, of course. He has a RR1200, is looking for a RR1000 currently and offered me at the time his X1 in exchange for my black M2. The X1 had the Radical paint set #26/100 when  I got it. Since I had already a 2002 X1 with the radical set (#9), I installed this custom bodywork which I liked a lot. (Plus I could put a radical set in the basement…..who knows when I might need this again…) I put some Streetfighter handlebars on  it , otherwise it is stock.  It is very fast and tons of fun. A French friend of mine rode it right after buying a BMW R850R. He should have never done it…… Sorry, Beemer

    2002 X1 RadicalHere’s the 2002 X1 with Radical Paint Set and PM wheels. It is otherwise totally stock. Even the original Exhaust never came off. Rode it together with my brother in law at Christmas 06 through the mountains of North Carolina. Spectacular! The 2002 was the last year of the Tube frame Buells. Everything was pretty much sorted out and Buell offered a very reliable motorcycle.  The X1 was sold that year in a special edition, the X1 "White Lightning", or X1W, in memory of the unforgettable S1W from 1998. I heard rumors that Erik himself put one of the last 2002 S3s in his garage… What better sign could there be? Long live the TUBERS!

    x1redDuring 2008 I had the chance to add one of my most favorite color schemes: nuclear blue frame and snap red. I found this one in Indianapolis with an engine damage. It came with all kinds of goodies plus nearly all original parts in a box. The engine had been over-revved, the front piston met with the valve and overhaul kit had tobe installed. Other than that the bike is in mint condition and has very low miles.

    Later in the summer I found this beautiful, almost unmolested X1M. 2000 X1MAccording to the tale it was ridden by a hobby sportbike rider at Laguna Seca several times. Buell engineers and technicians at the track helped with the fine-tuning. It has a D&D exhaust, which is really loud. Sounds great, runs perfect and is a WHOLE lot of fun.....:-)



  • X1In 09 I was told that the crank on the red/blue X1 was damaged and I needed a replacement. I ended up finding an entire 2000 thunderstorm engine from a S3 and put it in the X1. The parts engine was sold. I is running awesome. Stumbled over another 2000 X1 in Cleveland which I added to my collection. It is the yellow bike in the calendar picture. I had it at the dealer when they had a dyno present. 86 RWHP. Wow!